Liquidity.Club is an exclusive network of the world’s best startups, investors and accelerators. As an investor, you’re always looking for syndication opportunities as well as quality dealflow.

Why join Liquidity.Club as Investor member?

  • Find Quality Startup Investment Opportunities. You will find profiles of all the Liquidity.Club startup companies in the Matchmaking room. As an investor, you’re matched with startups in your chosen geography and technology fields. Where this information is not available to other members, the milestones achieved by each startup company are visible to you, so you can see how much momentum and progress each company has achieved. You’re provided with a simple console that enables you to quickly review lots of startups and reach out to the ones that seem to meet your criteria. 
  • Connect with Quality Startups. When you’ve found a startup of interest, you “Ping” them through Liquidity.Club, which sends a private instant message to the startup founder or representative. You can then follow up directly through your chosen videoconference system or communication channel. 
  • You’re not Bombarded. We appreciate that you don’t want to be hounded by hungry entrepreneurs with startups that don’t match your investment criteria, so where you get to see the profiles of startup members in the matchmaking room, you’re invisible to them. They can’t “Ping” you, but you can “Ping” them. 
  • Connect with other Investors–all over the world. As well as the Open Lounge, you have access to a private Investor-only lounge where you can meet other investors, build your network and syndicate deals. Actually there’s a VC Lounge and an Angel Lounge. VC’s have access to both. Angels only have access to the Angel lounge.
  • Expand your Profile and Reach into New Global Markets. As Liquidity.Club is a global initiative, it’s a unique opportunity to make connections and spread the word about your investment fund in tech hubs all over the world. 
  • No Cost or Commitment. Whereas other members will pay a membership fee, all fees are waived for established investors.

Attend live webinars and events on current hot topics such as financings, mergers & acquisitions, IPO’s, direct listings, secondary markets and other liquidity-related topics.

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