Liquidity.Club is an exclusive network of the world’s best startups, investors and accelerators. As an Accelerator, you help your startup ventures get on track, to raise finance, hit milestones, grow into new markets and ultimately your graduates to achieve successful exits and liquidity events.

Why join Liquidity.Club as an Accelerator member?

  • Provide your startups with a springboard for global success–by connecting your startups with Liquidity.Club, you’re providing them with an extensive global startup ecosystem and proven methodology for achieving success in the tech sector. The benefits to your community could be enormous.
  • Connect with other Accelerators–all over the world. As well as the Open Lounge, you have access to a private Accelerator-only lounge where you can meet members representing other accelerators, share ideas and build your network.
  • Connect with other Members–Liquidity.Club members represent world’s most promising startups, their investors, accelerators, bankers, large corporations and professional service providers such as bankers, mentors, lawyers and accountants.
  • Connect with investors. Find investors in our Investor Directory–search by geographic region and technology sector.  In most cases, you’re provided with the investor’s phone numbers and email addresses. As well as contacting investors through your direct outreach, you can meet investors in the club lounges and at other online events. Note: Liquidity.Club is planning to launch its own investment fund exclusively for members.
  • Connect with corporate members looking for technology and acquisitions. Large corporations join Liquidity Club to find new products and technologies to license or acquire.
  • Connect with expert professional service providers and mentors capable of helping your startups generate momentum and drive your startup toward success.
  • Connect with prospective new clients and business partners–all over the world. Liquidity.Club members may become customers, distributors or business partners that help you grow your business into new territories.
  • Learn how to achieve liquidity through the extensive Silicon Valley Business School knowledgebase containing hundreds of videos, milestones and online courses.
  • Learn how to achieve important milestones through the Silicon Valley Business School knowledgebase, through communication and collaboration with other members and through working with expert professional service providers. 

Attend live webinars and events on current hot topics such as financings, mergers & acquisitions, IPO’s, direct listings, secondary markets, SPACs and other liquidity-related topics.

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