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Ivette L. Galaviz, Director of Partners & Members

What’s So Special About the WSX Club?

What’s So Special About the WSX Club?

A lot. The platform is immediate value-add by being open, global–and by providing users with profiles of the Community, direct introductions between companies and investors, Playbooks (for workflow, knowledge retention and reuse, collaboration) and the Knowledgebase (for intelligence and materials selected by identified campaigns/initiatives). 

We also will build into a future version of the Club platform a Media Channel distributing original content created by our Accelerator Partners on training, programs, and country/region specific information on tech trends in that market. 

We expect this to be a great resource with region specific information that builds over time on Africa, LATAM, EU, India, Canada, China and the US.

Why We Created the XFund?

This sounds utopian, but the XFund exists to bring the global tech world together. By linking the best of tech together with stakes in each other all companies will have an economic reason to share, grow together, assure a return (the numbers work in our favor)–and change the world. 

No one we know has come up with a better idea. As a member of the Club we are asking you to help other founders, for them to respond to you and you to them. 

Why would you or they do this on a sustained basis unless you both benefit? The XFund is the benefit.

As a Startup, Who Can Join the Club?

Anybody who registers and provides a verifiable profile. 

To control our Community we reserve the right to verify profiles and enforce our rules of behavior.   Anyone can join the W Club (Worldwide).   If you qualify you can join the S Club (Scaling).  The top 20% of companies in the S Club automatically become members of our X Club (Exit) and participate in the XFund.  Starting in 2022 we take our top company of the year public through our IPO SPAC.  

How To Get Into the S Club – and then the X Club?

If it was easy then everyone would be an S Club and X Club Member. You have to qualify and be invited. 

Here’s what we look at: your vision; whether you graduated from an accelerator program; whether you raised outside funds and from who; whether you’ve created an MVP, pilot or evaluation program; whether you’ve commercially launched; are you working with channel partners and who; what is your cash runway and projected current year revenues; and whether you accept the WSX member rules and fee structure.

What Are The S Club and X Club Rules?

You’ve got to accept WSX Community rules of engagement –and have the sharing ethos as core to your tech value system: 

  • THOU SHALT respond within 2 days of other Member inquiries.

  • THOU SHALT not have more than 2 verified negative reviews from other Members.

  • THOU SHALT be current on membership subscription fee or not in default on the payment of transaction service fees.

  • THOU SHALT update your Member profile at least once each 6 months.

  • THOU SHALT not denigrate any other Member, misappropriate the protected ideas or IP of any other Member or person.

  • THOU SHALT not be in violation of any material law or regulation that applies to the Member’s business.

  • THOU SHALT not provide any misleading information or omissions on profiling or data entered into your profile.

  • THOU SHALT participate in the WSX XFund if invited.

Our Costs are Low - And profits are reinvested back into the Club

IF YOU ARE A STARTUP – We charge $29/mo for the W-Club, $89/mo for the S-Club and nothing more for the X-Club.

IF YOU ARE AN ACCELERATOR – We share with you 25% of all gross revenues generated from startups, vendors and content sourced from you. AND for startups sourced by you we share with you a portion of our carried interest in the XFund and equity in the WSX IPO SPAC.

IF YOU ARE AN INVESTOR – We charge $99/mo for Membership in the S-Club.   And we will develop specific investor services customized and priced to your requirements.

IF YOU ARE A CORPORATE – We give you access to our Membership under programs customized and priced to your requirements.

Vendor Ecosystem

All members have access to a curated online marketplace where startup experts and professional service firms provide discounted services through the online platform.

Investor Membership Privileges

Investors are provided with access to other investors as well as the world’s most promising startups. 

Investors can form relationships that lead to profitable investment syndicates on a global scale.   Check out the Investor tab to find out more.

Accelerator Membership Privileges

The WSX Club was designed to work with accelerators, and the Club has been created in close consultation with leading accelerators all over the world. 

The WSX Club provides accelerators with new sources of revenue and new opportunities to support their startups for expansion into global markets.  Accelerator members are able to connect with new startups and a global ecosystem comprising the best in global tech.

Corporate Membership Privileges

Corporate members are provided with access to the worlds most innovative startups developing cutting-edge technology. 

The WSX Club represents a unique opportunity for corporates to source innovation from a global pool of vetted startups.   And for corporates to promote themselves as innovation and channel partners for startups.   

Membership Obligations

Connections and collaboration are key to success in the global tech market and through a strict code of conduct, members are required to help each other with introductions, advice and support.

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